Frank Ahearn - The Blackmailexpert (EPS45)

Weet jij wie Frank Ahearn is? De in New York geboren Frank is wereldwijd bekend als dé blackmailexpert. Hij schreef diverse boeken, waaronder de door de New York Times uitgeroepen bestseller 'How to Disappear'. In deze Mooie Mensen® Podcast ga ik met Frank in gesprek over zijn meest recente boek 'The online dating journal'. Over de rode vlaggen bij online dating en over de destructie die aangericht wordt door afpersers. Vooral als je slachtoffer wordt van sextortion, de meest wrede vorm van cybercrime. De podcast is in het Engels opgenomen, maar deze kun je eenvoudig vertalen als je hem liever bekijkt via YouTube. Hieronder staat de informatie in het Engels, alsook de contactinfo van Frank en alles over doneren, sponsoren en meer van de Mooie Mensen® Podcast.

Do you know Frank Ahearn? He is famous because he is worldwide known as 'the blackmailexpert'. Besides public speaker, he is also a writer and author of several bestsellers. How many books about blackmail, sextortion and romance scamms has he published? What about his latest book 'The online dating journal'?
Why is he wearing sunglasses most of the time, whilst spreading videos on YouTube? Why does he call himself 'the hero of disastors'?
What is his advice about sending nude pictures online?
Will you be able to recognize the red flags in online dating?
I am convinced! But, what is the connection between Frank and me?
And will Frank tell something more about himself than just being the famous 'Blackmailexpert of the world? Is it just because the New York Times once wrote he is, or is he really the expert you can rely on 24/7 when it comes to blackmail?

If you want to know more about online dating, blackmail, cybercrime, sextortion and how to deal with blackmailers, you have to listen or watch this episode. Also if you want to know how to figure out if the person you are chatting with is a normal human being or an online-scammer, you have got to listen or watch this episode! But what is the definition of normal? If you listen or watch this podcast, you will find out.

Or read Franks' books. Because in this episode of the Mooie Mensen® Podcast, he also explains why his books are available online, for those who have not got the money to pay for his fees. Therefor, his books are translated in several languages.

And if you wonder why the host of this show (Kiki Scheepens) cannot speak Cambridge English, well, it is because she used to live in London. I once wrote and published my book Sextortion Op het spoor. Based on a true happened story. My book is only available in Dutch. 

Frank does not have any socials, besides YouTube. 
If you want to buy one of his bestsellers, please visit this site.
If you are in trouble, you can contact Frank 24/7.

Frank, thank you again for the pleasant cooperation. You are the best!

My podcasts are available on Android, Apple and YouTube. They are free, but donations are always appreciated. If you want to become a sponsor, please contact Kiki by filling in this form. After you have listenend or seen this podcast, please let me know what you think and leave your reaction behind.   

The Mooie Mensen® Podcast is a Dutch mediacompany, owned by Kiki Scheepens. Frank Ahearn has got permission to publish this sound or video on his websites and YouTube-channel. Kiki is a Dutch communicationadvisor, public speaker, writer and author of Sextortion Op het spoor. In 2021 she was nominated or the Dutch Woman in the Media Award 2021, (region Zuid-Holland), for her contributions to appear and speak in public. Both on several radiochannels, newspapers and the Dutch National Television. She speaks about manipulation, toxic relationships, domestic violence and how to recover due to her FEACH®-method. After helping victims of sextortion, domestic violence, she passed her exams and is now working as a certified confidant in The Netherlands.

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